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    December 11-13, 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ

  • Conference Details

    Dates: December 11-13, 2019

    For your planning purposes:

    We'll begin with a reception on Wednesday December 11 at 6pm.

    The conference continues on Thursday December 12 with sessions from 8am-4pm. We'll all have a terrific dinner together on Thursday night.

    Friday morning December 13 we'll have breakfast and additional sessions, concluding by noon.

    Location: Scottsdale, AZ

    Westin Kierland Resort

    Room rate $179/night +12.6% tax

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    Attendee Rate:

    Early bird (expires September 12, 2019) $995

    Regular rate $1095

    Cancellation policy: You may cancel for a refund (less $95 admin fee) until 11/22/2019. After that, no cancellations but an alternate attendee may be substituted at any time.


    Are you an organization that supports the professional development advancement of women in consumer and commercial finance? Want to be seen as a leader by several hundred influential women in the industry?


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  • 2019 Conference Agenda

    Day 1, December 11

    6:00-8:00 PM - Opening Reception, Scavenger Hunt

    Day 2, December 12

    6:30-7:15 AM - Group Yoga (optional)

    We'll spend time preparing our minds and bodies for the day ahead. Your experience can be as relaxed or intense as you desire. There's something for everyone at all levels.


    7:30-8:00 AM - Breakfast & Networking


    8:00-8:15 AM - Welcome and Opening Remarks

    • Stephanie Eidelman, CEO, iA Institute
    • Amy Perkins, President & Conference Chair, iA Institute

    8:15-9:15 AM - Keynote Address – What Harvard Taught Me, But My Kids Made Me Learn

    • Bea Wray, Expert Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur

    9:15-10:15 AM - Breakout Workshop (choose one): Relationship Building and Networking

    Many women agree that networking and building relationships with other women is oftentimes harder than doing so with men. We’ll look at how to change this dynamic, and share how some women have developed skills to do this so well.


    Approaching the Glass Ceiling

    It’s common to not see or acknowledge gender as a prohibitive factor in rising to the next level until it is. This ah-ha moment usually comes when women reach a level where there are fewer overall seats at the table. This session will offer strategies to prepare rising professionals for this phase of their career.


    10:15-10:45 AM - Networking / Break

    Acknowledging the implications of cultural norms that subconsciously affect our confidence and discourage us from leading with our whole selves.


    10:45-11:30 AM - Workshop: Bridging the Generational Divide

    For women to continue advocating for support of one another, breaking down barriers between generations is a must. This will be a candor filled conversation between women of all ages about how we can make sure our networks, mentorships, sponsorships, etc. span all age groups.


    11:30-12:30 PM - Lunch


    12:30-1:15 PM - Professional Development

    • Heather Cristie, President, Evolve Global

    1:15-2:00 PM - Storytime: Me Too

    A candid panel of women to discuss the unintended consequences (right or wrong) of the Me Too movement and strategies for navigating the workforce in the post-me-too movement.


    2:00-3:00 PM - Relationship Building - Break/Explore/Scavenger Hunt



    Day 2 (Cont.)

    3:00-3:45 PM - Workshop: Bravery Over Perfection

    It’s easy to over-analyze every decision, conversation, etc. when you’re paralyzed by the idea that everything has to be done perfectly or not at all. This session will dig deeper into why this happens and how we can take steps to recognize and improve in this area.


    3:45-4:30 PM - Breakout Workshop (choose one): Championing Diversity and Inclusion

    The degree of investment in supporting D&I varies greatly company to company. That means that the role we can all play to make a difference also varies. We’ll share creative ways women are getting involved and driving change across company types, sizes, and investment levels.


    Communicating with Confidence

    Tips and education on how to “take up space” and convey your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in an influential and confident way.


    4:30 PM-4:45 PM - Expert Communication Coaching - LIVE

    To build upon our Communicating with Confidence workshop, Katy Temple, an executive media coach, along with a videographer, will be hosting real-time video practice sessions to allow women to practice communicating on camera, in person, or otherwise. Attendees volunteer to get on stage, and take a practice run, receive live coaching, then do a re-take. This session is going to be educational and TONS of fun!

    • Katy Temple, Executive Media Coach/Consultant


    4:45 PM-5:00 PM - Closing Remarks

    • Amy Perkins, President & Conference Chair, iA Institute


    7:00-8:00 PM - Dinner

    Day 3, December 13

    6:30-7:15 AM - Group Yoga (optional)

    We'll spend time preparing our minds and bodies for the day ahead. Your experience can be as relaxed or intense as you desire. There's something for everyone at all levels.


    7:45-8:30 AM - Breakfast & networking


    8:30-8:45 AM - Opening Remarks

    • Amy Perkins, President & Conference Chair, iA Institute

    8:45-9:30 AM - Storytime: Advocating for You

    We talk a lot about the benefits of advocating for one another, but what keeps us from advocating for ourselves? We’ll dissect this topic and learn from other women, how to do this better together.


    9:30-10:15 AM - Group Activity: Unconscious Bias

    We all have it, but it’s hard to see. We’ll inspire self-discovery and identification of our biases and talk about how to better act on them when we see them in ourselves and others.


    10:15-10:30 AM - Break


    10:30-11:00 AM - Storytime: Imposter Syndrome

    Even when we succeed, we often wonder if we are qualified or deserving or if it’s just a matter of time until our shortcomings are “found out”. Women will share their stories and how they’ve become comfortable and confident with where they are and why they deserve to be there.


    11:00-11:45 AM - Here’s What I Learned, How about You?

    Open mic, sharing


    11:45-12:00 PM- Closing Remarks

  • 1.5 days of networking, idea sharing, problem solving and wild camaraderie

    Come see what we can accomplish when we all get together.

    Sharpen your leadership skills

    ...with smart, tailored content.

    Packed with sessions designed to help you handle the biggest challenges faced by female consumer finance execs - such as overcoming gender stereotypes in leadership roles or countering impostor syndrome.

    Expand your professional network

    ...the minute you arrive.

    You'll meet and hear from some of the smartest, most accomplished and most motivated women executives in all of consumer and commercial finance. Plus, you'll have a really, really good time.

    Improve your workplace culture

    ...with practical advice, strategies and connections.

    You'll come back to the office equipped with tips and strategies you can use right away to make your environment more productive for everyone.

  • I am sincerely changed by my experience here. I will absolutely be back and to all the ladies in the industry - YOU SHOULD REGISTER TODAY!

    Shelly Gensmer, ERC

    It's as necessary as it was transformational. Easily the best conference I've ever attended.

    Michele Scarbrough, CFPB

    I truly adored this conference. I met great people and I learned a lot about myself which is something I've never said after a work conference before.

    Sarah DeMoss, Premiere Credit of North America

    What an inspiring event!!! If you didn’t make it this year, must attend next year.

    Rebekah Johnson, Numeracle

    This was a fabulous conference and very well put together. The enlightenment, the speakers and the wonderful people I met - it was all awesome.

    Linda Taddeo, TRAKAmerica

  • Why this event

    Every woman's professional journey is unique...

    But if you’ve had honest conversations with your colleagues, you know that we are more alike than different. We really do have common views and experiences when it comes to financial services work.


    What’s missing from our industry is an event organized around this point-of-view. So, we decided to create one.


    I know that I want to meet with other women who share my experiences - women who have so much great expertise to share, who want to get to know one another better, advance their careers and, as they do, improve workplace culture for everyone. I’ll bet that you do, too.


    We're already working on our 2nd annual event! Let's stay in touch, and tell me if you'd like to be involved.


    Amy Perkins, Chair

    Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance


    It's not about calling men out, but rather calling women up...

    I am so excited about this conference. It feels like everything I’ve done before has led me to this point. This is not be a conference about compliance or best practices, but about women; about the common professional challenges we face, about how to tell our own career story, about building our network, and about enhancing the culture at each of our companies.


    I’ve had several pretty distinct careers across a wide variety of industries. I have often found myself to be the only woman in a room, or one of just a few. As I think back on my career, I realize that nobody has ever really taken me under their wing, or been a champion for me. It's a disappointment because I know how powerful that can be. Nonetheless, I am where I am, and I - like you - have a story to share.


    This event is not about calling men out, but rather calling women up. I hope you’ll join me and Amy for our 2nd annual conference in December 2019!


    Stephanie Eidelman, CEO

    insideARM & The iA Institute

  • Q: Who attends Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance?

    A: you do.

    Women in Consumer and Commercial Finance 2019 is for professional women working in consumer or commercial finance at ALL levels.


    If you're a female manager, supervisor, attorney, agency manager, strategy exec., sales exec., marketer, VP, COO, Chief Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, CTO, CEO (or hold any other position within, around or near consumer finance), this event is for you.


    If you work for a consumer lender, a creditor, a collection agency, a law firm, a services or tech firm, a consumer group, or a regulator for the consumer finance industry, this event is for you.

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  • 2019 event keynote

    What Harvard Taught Me, but My Kids Made Me Learn

    A keynote address from Bea Wray

    “At some point I realized my children have been my greatest driver in my business for nearly 20 years.”


    Suddenly a single parent and left with a mountain of debt, Bea Wray did not fold. She believed in herself, knew her worth, and forged several highly successful careers, in business and as an entrepreneur and communicator. Find out how she did it, what she learned, and how her experience as a mother played a pivotal role.


    About Bea Wray

    Bea Wray is an entrepreneur, innovation expert, a fellow at the Aspen Global Leadership Network and co-founder of the Millennial Women Network.

  • Our Stories

    What’s your story? At Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance, our stories are front-and-center. But we don't want to share them just once a year. Check this space regularly for new stories shared by women from across the consumer finance industry. And let us know if you have a story to share. You can email us about it right here.

    Being a woman and a leader in this industry used to be a lot more challenging than it is now. We’ve come a long way thanks to increased awareness, focus on diversity and inclusion in corporate America. Credit also goes to a lot of strong women who paved the way with tremendous leadership, grit...
    I have been asked to participate on panels before and I have been the only woman on a panel before. But, my experience of one panel in particular – an all-male-except-for-me panel – stuck with me for a long time. The first half of the meeting went really well. My preparation paid-off and I felt...
    I always treated my jobs like borrowed cars. I don’t own my job. Rather, someone has trusted me to use it for a while and use it well. So, I try to keep the tank full, keep the car moving, and leave it in a better condition than how I found it. What I mean by this is, in every job I had, I worked...
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