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Are confident people just born that way?

by Amy Perkins, Chair, Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance

I got this question the other day from my ten-year-old daughter, who was just as confused about this as I once was. No, I said, they’re not. And it’s not as if confident people are never afraid, either.

I told her that we all have what I think of as a metaphorical "confidence cup." The more things we do that absolutely terrify us, the more deposits we make into our confidence cup. We have to do the things that scare us, so that each time, these experiences become less scary and our confidence grows.

This holds true with communication. I remember the first time I stood up in front of the colleagues in my seven-hundred-person call center. My job was to inspire, motivate and lead them. I was terrified. I don't think anyone noticed, but I was in a full-body, heart-racing shake. Even my hair was shaking. But I did it. And I kept doing it until one day it stopped being so scary and even started being fun (hello there, confidence). Now, it's one of my favorite things to do.

I wish that Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance had been around for me during that hair-shaking, hand-trembling stage of my career. Well, that's one of the many reasons it's here now.

My daughter (a future WCCF attendee, for sure) is a major motivation for me to craft this event in a way that makes a meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of women. She reminds me daily just how important confidence is in her development (and yours).

If you’re looking to find your voice and bring a healthy dose of confidence to your career, you owe it to yourself to join us in Scottsdale this December. You’ll build practical skills and techniques you can use to advance your career, and, maybe most importantly, you’ll find your voice. You’ll learn how to communicate with confidence and become your best professional self. We have a great crowd already committed to attend, but we’d love to have you with us, too.

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